Architect appointed for the Farm!

I like to think that Hubster and I have a great love story. The short version is we met, fell in love and eloped 127 days after meeting one another. For those of you who’ve known me a long time, you’ll know the longer version but for this post, we’ll stick with the short version.

Last year we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Like many milestones of 2020 (and now sadly, beyond), COVID interrupted many plans. Many of us have heartbreaking stories to tell for the scar COVID has left on our lives. But, for all the grief of 2020 Hubster and I also celebrated moments of joy. One of those moments was finding our dream block of land, after searching for nearly 10 years.

For the 10 years we’ve been married, we’ve been footloose and fancy-free. Living where a whim takes us and enjoying experiencing new neighbourhoods and places. I think I’ve counted 11 moves in the past 10 years – including four interstate moves. Let’s just say, I know how to pack and unpack a house! That 10 years has helped us understand where we want to build our forever-home, understand how close (or indeed how far away) we want to live from a city, which State we want to live in and what we need around us to make us thrive. No-one was more surprised than us to accidently find our dream location, and then our dream lot, after rescuing some racehorses while the world was all going a little bit mad.

The minute we stepped on the block, we saw ourselves growing old there. It’s a glorious 10 hectares, on top of a mountain, overlooking national park. In winter, the mist rolls up over the mountain to envelop you. In Summer, it’s warm but not too warm. In every season, the view literally goes for miles – to the horizon.

Due to COVID, we were unable to visit the block as much as we’d hoped. And, it was virtually impossible to take on board all of the things we needed to do when we were in stage 4 lockdown for months on end. With a little bit of space and a lot more freedom, we’ve now appointed an Architect to start designing our forever home. A home that will be surrounded by that mist that rolls up the mountain and will be a place to grow old and make lots of new happy memories together.

And so begins the challenges of a mountainous, acreage, farm site – with hopefully the ultimate reward of a stunning home and all the space I’ll ever need for cooking, gardening and housing lots of snoots!

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