Random Act of Kindness

I’ve always loved the idea of random acts of kindness (RAOK). They’re a habit I’ve had for a long time. Sometimes the act can be a small gesture (sending a card, gifting a book or baked goods); or larger, like a day in the city delivering care packages to the homeless. Sometimes it might sit somewhere in the middle. Kindness is central to the values in our home and something Hubster and I practice frequently.

Today’s post is to give thanks as a recipient of a RAOK, at a time when I really needed a hug. And, how I’m going to pay it forward with a RAOK of my own.

My quest for a Summer Svenson piece

For almost a year I’ve been trying to add a glorious pot by Julia from Summer Svenson to my home. Ever since my lovely friend Mags at Unleash Creative initiated me to these happy pops of colour, I’ve set my alarm with hope, fingers and toes crossed each time her products are released for sale. I hadn’t been successful in my quest yet but always remained happy that Julia is creating joy for so many others. It’s hard to be disappointed when a wonderful Australian artist has a legion of adoring fans. I knew that with time and patience, I would someday have a piece of my own.

Seeing Julia’s content pop up in my Instagram feed is always something that sparks a smile for me. For this reason, her posts almost always make it into my feed.

Sometimes the days aren’t so bright

Last month, we had a really tough time. There was lots of stuff happening and on top of that, Hubster and I needed to self-quarantine for two weeks. We were incredibly unlucky to have passed through Melbourne airport when it was declared as a hot-spot.

As Melbourne residents, we’re no strangers to lockdown, having endured many months of it in 2020. This was different. The two week self-isolation meant we missed something very important to our family. Our hearts are still tender from the many important milestones we missed in 2020. Then this seemed to be another blow, when we least expected it.

A Random Act of Kindness

As I was counting down the days of self-isolation and trying not to be too sad, I saw Julia was running a giveaway for one of her pieces.

Now, I almost never enter a giveaway. When I do, it usually do it on the basis that I have someone in mind who would receive the prize, should I be lucky enough to win. Not this time!

As I was sitting on my lounge feeling pretty blah, I entered the giveaway, not really expecting to win with hundreds and hundreds of entries for the gorgeous little pot. But, it seemed like good karma was delivered in spades and Julia let me know I’d won her piece. I was overjoyed!

The pot arrived just a few days later and made me so happy. I love it so!

Oddly, I can’t decide where to put it. For now, it’s in my workspace inspiring me to be creative.

Be inspired by Julia’s (aka Summer Svenson) ‘hand painted with love’ pieces on her Instagram.

Paying forward a RAOK

How good is it to be the recipient of kindness?! It’s the best!

To pay-forward Julia’s kindness at a time when my smile wasn’t as bright as usual, I want to gift something that brings me happiness every day: a copy of In Praise of Veg by Alice Zaslavsky.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know this is my hands-down, all-time favourite cook book. In gifting this, I hope the recipient will feel the kindness as I did in receiving my own Summer Svenson piece.

How to Enter

Pop a comment here or on Instagram (look for the Summer Svenson pot post) and let me know what kindness means to you. It might be a cup of tea in bed on a rainy morning (self-kindness), dropping in on an elderly neighbour, volunteering at the local shelter or eating vegan. Kindness can mean so many things and perhaps your interpretation of kindness might inspire someone else.

On Sunday 21 March, 2020 one recipient of this ROAK will be announced here and on @modernveganguide Instagram.*

The In Praise of Veg Book will be shipped direct from Booktopia or book retailer direct to recipient’s address.

In kindness,


If you look carefully, you’ll see little drops of rain in these images. Not even some rain could take the smile off my face.

  • Modern Vegan Guide decision is final for the recipient of the RAOK. If the ROAK is not claimed by the recipient within 14 days of announcement, a new recipient will be awarded.

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