Submission Guidelines

All you need to know about how to submit your recipe for publication on the Modern Vegan Guide website, request a recipe be prepared in my test kitchen, or provide product for editorial consideration.

Submit your recipe or content for publication on the Modern Vegan Guide website

Have a vegan recipe or blog you’d like to have published on Modern Vegan Guide? I’d love to hear from you!


🌱 This site is proudly vegan, so please only submit vegan recipes or material that supports vegan values.

🌱 A minimum of four images need to be provided with your content, with at least one landscape and one horizontal image.

🌱 Images must have regard to quality of composition, styling and editing.

🌱 You must have ownership or permission to use any images you supply in conjunction with your content.

🌱 Relevant links for your blog and social channels will be required so we can properly attribute your content.

Submission and Review

Please request a copy of my submission form to accompany your content, so I efficiently capture all the information needed from you.

Your interest in Modern Vegan Guide is appreciated, so I’ll make sure you receive a copy of the submission form within 5 days of request and I’ll confirm acceptance (or otherwise) of your content within 21 days of receiving a fully completed submission form.

Patty Pan Squash

Submit a recipe to my test kitchen

Do you have a favourite recipe that’s not vegan friendly? I got chu! I’m always up for a challenge and will do my best to convert any recipe to plant-based while staying true to the original taste of the recipe.

If it’s a recipe you’ve seen on Instagram, tag me @modernveganguide and ask how-to-vegan the recipe.

A recipe from one of your cookbooks? Send me a photo of the recipe via email or as a DM on Instagram. If it’s a recipe from a website or blog, send me the link via my contact page or as DM on Instagram.

Recipes submitted will go my to-bake list. I cook from recipes daily and am always tempted by something new and delicious, so tempt me!

I respect the work of creators, so do not republish recipes without permission. But, I’ll publish exactly how I adapted the recipe to be vegan friendly, or if I had any challenges.

Oven Dried Tomatoes

Product for editorial consideration

Modern Vegan Guide welcomes receiving product for editorial consideration on the understanding there will not be any guarantees as to the production, placement or timing of publication of content.

Karan White, c/- PO Box 4037, Eight Mile Plains, Qld, 4113*

*I usually reside in Victoria but will be enjoying extended stays in the NSW Northern Rivers for some parts of 2021. Mail will be forwarded to my current residential address each Friday via express post. Please contact me directly for deliveries requiring a street address.

Modern Vegan Guide also welcomes formal collaborations in the form of blog posts, giveaways, as a brand ambassador and for social activations. Learn more about my experience in working with brands here, or by contacting me today.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Modern Vegan Guide.

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