Vegan Meal Plan # 1 – Autumn

Need some inspiration for your meal plan this week? This might be just what you need. My vegan meal plan has six dinners with lots of left overs for lunch, as well as snack options that can be substituted for lunches or dinners.

Dinner meals don’t often get photographed by me. I love to cook meals each night for dinner and by the time this is completed, I’m right into eating it. Fussing around styling and taking photos is not something I do with our dinner meals.

Yet, some of my best bakes are dinner recipes. I currently have 54 Instagram posts saved in my ‘to-bake’ list. As I’m inspired by the look of a recipe, I save it to the to-bake list. Once baked and I want to put it in regular rotation, it goes into my ‘Recipes’ list for future reference. If it’s something we didn’t enjoy the taste of or I didn’t enjoy the cooking process, it’s a quick ‘unsave’. Add my Instagram saves to my ever-growing list of cook books, I want to share some of the food we enjoy in our home each week.

And so begins the Vegan Meal Plans, a look into what I’m eating each week. I will try to share more of my dinner meals, as well as my own recipes moving ahead. This week is a very busy one for me, so recipes are mostly ones I’m familiar with and can cook quickly. There’s more rice based dishes than what we’d typically have, so that’s a little unusual in this week’s meal plan.

And a note to photography for today’s menu plan. Much of the east Coast of Australia is experiencing extreme rainfall. We are on the perimeter of this weather event and experiencing very heavy rain, so not ideal shooting conditions for our house due (it’s so dark!).

Vegan Meal Plan – Dinners

Each week I plan to cook six dinner meals. My grocery shop is usually Friday or Saturday, so meal plans run Saturday – Friday. Usually there’s leftovers from at least one dinner, usually a couple, which covers our lunch meals during the week.

Saturday – Vegan and Gluten Free Enchiladas

Vegan Enchiladas by Ela Vegan

This is a first time cook for me on the recipe: ‘The Best Vegan Enchiladas’ by Ela Vegan. There’s a few steps in this recipe, so didn’t want to be rushed with it on a week night.

This recipe is definitely staying on the ‘Recipe’ list – it was delicious! The recipe yielded a large serving, so I expect we’ll have lunch left overs from this for at least three lunches.

Note: next time I make this recipe I’ll adjust the enchilada sauce seasoning a little to my own preferences. For a shortcut and a quicker cook, you could use a store-bought sauce. Although, making the sauce was easy and of course, cost effective. Also, I used canned lentils to eliminate a step .

Find the recipe here.

Sunday – Vegan Meatloaf with Roast Vegetables

With all the rain, it’s feeling a little more like the cooler months of Winter. Winter is my favourite season of the year, I really dislike hot weather but that’s another story for another day. We’re a Sunday night roast family, except through Summer. So, I’ve been missing our roast dinners.

There’s so many great ready-made vegan roast options available in the supermarkets. We love the Meatloaf by Made With Plants, available from Woolworths. The flavour almost reminds me of a classic BBQ rib taste – sweet, rich and smokey.

I’ve mastered the art of roast potatoes with soft, fluffy insides and crispy, golden and a little bit crunchy skins. So the meatloaf will be served with a side of classic roast veg: potato, pumpkin, carrot (we don’t do greens with our roast),

Monday – Nice Spice Rice with Vegan Pork

This recipe has been in rotation for years. Literally. Hubster loves this dish. It’s packed full of veg and flavour. Bonus is that there’s always lots of leftovers and gives us at least one dinner meal and two lunch meals.

The recipe is by Bosh! and can be found in full here. I simply add the Plant Asia Vegan Roast Pork after adding the chopped chilli and spring onions to the wok. It bulks out the meal for more servings and the roast pork is yum. Plant Asia Roast Pork is available at Woolworths.

Tuesday – Moroccan Cauliflower with Tahini and Honey*

Dishing Out the Health Moroccan Cauliflower with Tahini and Honey

This is currently sitting at the top of my favourite recipes after cooking this for the first time last week. Each week I would cook at least three new recipes, typically 5 – 6. If I try something new and love it, often the recipe will sit on the menu plan for a few weeks running. This recipe by Jamie at Dishing Out the Health is likely to stay on the favourites list for a long time.

I serve this with a simple side of green beans finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon and some toasted almond slivers.

* Vegan substitution: maple syrup for honey.

Wednesday – Gajar Makhani – Indian-Style Butter Carrot

This is a new recipe I’m trying from (my all-time favourite cook book), In Praise of Veg. I had planned to make this ahead on the weekend to let the flavours develop over a couple of days but didn’t quite get there. I’ll probably whip it up on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning instead. I’ll serve the curry with some homemade Naan bread and rice.

Thursday – Greek Style Beans

Rebel Recipes Greek Style Beans

Hubster plays tennis on a Thursday night, so dinner tends to be early. It also needs to be quick, easy and filling to fuel him up for a few hours of competitive tennis. We’re very partial to a good baked bean and these Greek Style Beans by Rebel Recipes look hearty. The Rebel Recipes Cook Book is on my to-buy list, too.

Friday – Flexible

I only plan six meals a week. Meals are sometimes swapped around, sometimes I might feel like a night off cooking or we have something really light and easy (avo on toast is a favourite). If we’re eating at home on night seven and I need to cook, it will often be something from the flexible options below.

Vegan Meal Plan – Lunches and Dinner Alternates.

I always have a list of quick cooks that can be whipped up for lunch or on standby if we feel like a lighter dinner meal. These are generally things I can with things always found in my fridge and pantry.

This week’s flexible meal options are:

  • Zucchini Fritters – I don’t think a week has gone by since first making this recipe when we don’t have these fritters. They’re so easy to make, great as a lunch or dinner and are scrummy.
  • Sesame Coated Grilled Rice Balls by Luba at Cook Vegetarian – As there’s most likely to be left over rice from the Nice Spice Rice and Gajar Makhani, it might as well be put to good use.
  • Toasted Fajitas – to use up left over wraps from the enchiladas.
  • Fruit Smoothie Bowls – last week we bought a KitchenAid Blender, so we’re really enjoying trying some new smoothie bowls. Perfect, as our toaster broke this morning!
Sesame Coated Rice Balls by Cook Vegetarian

There’s a few other recipes being veganised in my kitchen this week, including this decadent Caramelised Apple Cake by Katherine Sabbath:

I’ll have this cake recipe, including the sweet vegan dulce de leche recipe, which formed part of the cake batter online later this week.

From wherever you’re reading, I hope you have a fab week ahead. I’ll see you online!

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