Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked, and I’ve answered!

What is veganism?

I’ll start off by saying being vegan isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice. Vegans elect to see the world through a lens of kindness and compassion and reject the use of commoditisation of, or cruelty to animals in any form. We don’t eat any food, wear clothing or use products derived from animal or animal products. In other words, we don’t eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy, wear leather or use products tested on animals.

Why do vegans still eat meat and dairy alternatives?

In many cases, it’s not the taste of meat, dairy, eggs or the look of a particular product (such as leather) vegans object to. I personally love meat, cheese, eggs and cream. Oh, how I love cream!

Refusal to consume or purchase these products is an acknowledgement of the extreme cruelty that animals suffer, and ultimately die for, so we can enjoy the taste of a steak or a glass of milk. Animals are sentinent beings, capable of complex emotions and relationships, just like humans are. Yet, they are exploited in the most horrific ways.

For many vegans, the decision to abstain from traditional animal derived products is not based on taste – it’s based on values. We’re always searching for the best vegan alternatives to traditional products!

How long have you been vegan?

Hubster and I went vegan in 2017. I went vegan overnight after watching advance material from Dominion Movement – animal rights documentary. Hubster only took a couple of weeks to fully transition to veganism.

Prior to going vegan we were conscious consumers and tried to make informed purchases. Understanding the practices adopted by animal agriculture made it easy to stop consuming animal products and by-products.

First and foremost, we’re vegan ‘for the animals’. Closely behind this we are vegan for the planet and for our health.

What is Modern Vegan Guide?

The Modern Vegan Guide (MVG) is your companion to navigating ethical choices in your cooking, home and lifestyle.

Being vegan is so easy these days and I thank all vegans who went before me and endured the torture of tofu and lettuce. Modern vegan food is delicious and accessible in mainstream supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. Lifestyle products, equally so.

The Modern Vegan Guide is a reference for delicious recipes, how to modify traditional favourite or popular recipes to vegan-friendly, ways to eliminate harmful products from your home (many of which are tested on animals), sharing discoveries and reviews of vegan products and my quest to simplify life through conscious living.

Think of the Modern Vegan Guide as a how-to-vegan your food, home and lifestyle.

There’ll also be be occasional random acts of kindness, musings on my life, smatterings of doggo and kitto photos and snippets of building of our farm house in Victoria.

Can I submit recipes or products for review?

Absolutely, yes! If you have a recipe you’d like us to convert to vegan-friendly, a recipe you’d like to publish on Modern Vegan Guide, a product you’d like to review or any information that promotes kindness towards animals, planet and people, I’d love to hear from you. Please look at our submission guidelines for how to do this.

How to subscribe to my emails?

You can join other happy subscribers and stay up to date with recipes and blog posts by subscribing here

How to ask a question about a recipe?

Pop a comment on the recipe post or on Instagram. If you have the question, it’s likely others might too. Strong communities are built on the sharing of information and open discussion. I can offer one anwer or opinion but asking the question online will offer a range of responses to help you make an informed decision.

If you’d like to submit a recipe for publication on Modern Vegan Guide or request conversion of a traditional recipe in our test kitchen, please refer to our submission guidelines.

Why don’t you always publish full recipes?

We appreciate the work of recipe developers and acknowledge the tremendous effort required to publish their creations, which is why we will never republish a recipe without prior permission. We encourage you to support the recipe creator by purchasing a copy of their cook book, or visit their website for the original recipe.

Supporting creators and valuing their work means they can continue to create beautiful resources, products and services for us to enjoy.

Do you take your own photos?

Yes. I’m a hobbyiest and (very) amateur photographer. I enjoy the whole process of cooking, styling and photographing food – right down to doing the dishes!

My photos are not highly edited, so what you see in my photos is largely what you can expect if you follow the recipe. All photos are taken in natural light, without tricky enhancements.

Where I can, I share the behind-the-scenes (BTS) of my photos on Instagram stories and from time to time I’ll update the blog on my how-tos and resources.

No smoke and mirrors here, life’s complicated enough without promoting false realities online.

Where images are not my own, they will only be republished with permission from the own and properly attributed.

A final word…

This is a safe and welcoming space for vegans and those supportive of this lifestyle choice. The internet can be a wonderful space to connect with like-minded people but can also be a platform for inciting hate. Please know that such conduct will not be tolerated here.

Thank you for reading the Modern Vegan Guide. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with new posts, please be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and follow along on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.



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