DIY Natural Face Exfoliator

by Nourish Magazine

I tried this DIY Natural Face Exfoliator by Nourish Magazine and loved it!

My skin has been poorly lately, as I have. I’ve been a little under the weather and my skin is reflecting this. Breakouts, puffiness and redness. Ugh.

Today I was feeling so blah and I knew I could either keep feeling blah, or try something to perk myself up. I couldn’t have picked a better remedy. Nourish Magazine’s DIY Exfoliator has just three ingredients, ones that are very likely to be in your kitchen (100% likely if you’re vego or vegan 😊).

DIY Natural Face Exfoliator

Commercial products have to work hard to earn a place in our home. I’ve become an expert on reading labels because so many products are tested on animals, or are owned by parent companies that test on animals. That’s a hard no from me. Then, there’s the additional environmental factors of materials, production and packaging impact to consider. Finally, what hidden nasties are in the product? Keeping it simple with home-made products are usually a big win for me.

The simplicity of this natural exfoliator got me. Three ingredients, which are always in my pantry. Low cost. Environmentally friendly and delivering on the glow up.

Give it a go. Be like me, sitting here feeling fresh and glowy-y.

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