How to remove garlic smell from hands

Life 👏 Changing 👏 Tip 👏 🧄

I cook with a lot of garlic – at least one full bulb a week, often two or more. It felt like every night my fingers stunk of garlic, no matter how much I scrubbed my hands. Gross. 😑

But then, on page 32 of @inpraiseofveg I discovered @aliceinframes life-changing ‘rid the reek’ tip: “For garlicky fingertips, rubbing your hands on something stainless is the cure – be it a specially stainless steel ‘soap, or just the back of a saucepan or other kitchen utensil.”

👏 Stainless 👏 Steel 👏

Now, after preparing garlic I simply rub my fingers along the kitchen sink and no more stink!

Praise Be 🙌

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