Origami Seedling Box: eco-conscious planting with a side of craft.

Gah! When @iatemygarden shared a post on these super-cute origami seedling boxes I grabbed the first magazine I could put my hands on {thanks @bunnings} to start folding away. I sampled a bunch of different papers to experiment with ease of folding and every crafters objective: cuteness. Timing for this mini-project was perfect as I so happened to pick up a bunch of seedlings earlier in the day. Synchronicity in motion…

There’s a few rules to follow to optimise plant health and composting benefits for this type of project. Here’s some basics to get you started:

♻️ untreated paper is the gold-star recommendation for composting.

🗞 newspapers work, as do papers that have been previously recycled.

✏ if the paper has printer, pen, or marker ink or dyes, it’s safe to compost if the ink used is vegetable-based, soy-based or non-toxic.

❌ coloured and glossy paper might contain some toxic heavy metals, which may not be suitable.

Not sure of the suitability of that cute paper you’re about to origami into tiny planters? Consider planting the seedling without the origami box when it’s ready to move to a bigger environment.

Need a tutorial? Check my Instagram post where I sample the Bunnings mag as well as loo paper wrap in a folding frenzy video! Need a really good tutorial? Check out @iatemygarden for this and quality gardening inspo.

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