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My Dog Eats Better Than Me – Recipes your dog will love is the ultimate cook book for dog families. With more than 60 recipes, from main meals to baked treats and party cakes, authors Fiona Rigg and Jacqui Melville have brought the very best of their skills together in this glorious cook book.

We’re a four pet family – two dogs and two cats. It’s fair to say our dogs, Fella and Tidda, eat as well as us. That’s a pretty big statement as cooking is a mainstay in our home. Our dogs have almost never eaten commercially prepared dog food. There’s many reasons for this, perhaps best summarised that the nutritional value of many commercial foods is simply not there. And, in some cases such food is literally toxic to pets.

I won’t say that preparing dog food is a task I necessarily enjoy. I batch prepare the girls’ main meals every week – 10 days. These meals are supplemented by other freshly prepared meals, such as the recipes in My Dog Eats Better Than Me.

My Dog Eats Better Than Me

Co-author Fiona Rigg is a professional cook, food stylist and Cordon Bleu Graduate. She is also the Founder of PAWDinkum, a company that cares for dogs through nourishing recipes, healthy treats and spa treatments. When Fiona combines her culinary skills with professional food and drink photographer, Jacqui Melville it’s no surprise this book feels like a hybrid coffee table book cum cook book.

My first read of My Dog Eats Better Than Me was not so much a read, rather than looking at all the pretty pictures. There’s an abundance of cute doggos and the food photography is pawfection!

The book starts with the basics of dog feeding, such as choosing between a cooked or raw diet, setting up your kitchen, tips for changing your dog’s diet, beauty super foods and even why your dog’s poop matters.

Moving on to chapters dedicated to Meals, Treats, Celebrations and Wellness, My Dog Eats Better Than Me is the ultimate kitchen companion for cooking and caring for your beloved family member.

Vegan Dog Food Diet

There’s much debate on feeding pets a vegan diet. It’s a decision that’s a deeply personal one and views on this will vary greatly.

Fortunately, this cook book for dog recipes dedicates a number of pages to discussing pros and cons of the vegan dog food diet. Better still, there’s plenty of vegan recipes to choose from if you’re feeding your dogs a vegan diet.

Vegan Dog Food Recipes

Chief Taste Testers, Fella and Tidda already have lots of favourites:

  • Chickpea Meal Base
  • Anti-oxidant rich vegetable mash
  • Sweet Potato Wedges with Green Pesto
  • Vegan Porridge, which is served up several times a week.

For additional health benefits, Golden Paste and the Herbal Meal Supplement are in the meal plan. Our beautiful girl Fella is partially paralyzed from IVDD, so we take extra-special care of her as an extra-special doggo.

This book is excellent value simply for the photos of the magnificently styled dog party, with doggos in party hats and a smorgasbord worthy of even the most pampered pooch. Beyond that, the abundance of recipes, remedies, tips and health information make this a must-have for every dog owner.

Published by Hardie Grant Books, the book is available from Booktopia and all good booksellers.

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