Turn bananas into fertiliser with water. Magic 🍌💫

Was 2020 the unofficial year of banana bread and sourdough? We’ve been turning sad, old narnies into banana bread forever yet I’ve only now discovered peels can be made into an easy DIY fertiliser 😱

There’s so many easy and incremental steps we take can alongside bigger and more meaningful steps to have a positive impact on the planet. Reducing landfill is a big win. As is living low tox, cruelty-free and making the most of everything we have.

This natty tip was picked up from @ReduceWasteNow I’m living for all the simple, actionable eco tips they share on their page. And really, could it be any easier than putting some sad, old banana skins in a jar and filling the jar with water? Nope. Not really. Seriously, that’s it. After a couple of days, remove the banana skins and put them in your compost. Then use the banana water on your plants for a fertiliser that’s potassium-rich and has beneficial amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium.

I couldn’t bear to bake *another* loaf of banana bread with these gooey, soft bananas. So I made healthy muffins instead. Find the recipe here.

Manky Banana Muffins

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